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Energy Alignment Gives You the Best Life Results

Every year my energy health coaching opens and every year a group of fantastic people go through and create things in their life they used to only dream about.  

Energy Health Coaching is a powerful process which combines energy health principles and coaching techniques with the use of muscle testing to realign your thoughts, feelings, and energy to create a path that allows your dreams to unfold.  

Able to capture specific paths of information that have been blocking you from your health, life enjoyment, and goals and remove them vibrationally, you'll find yourself getting a deep reprogramming in every aspect of your life.  The things you have will get better and better.  That which no longer serves you will fall away.  The best part, you'll find yourself discovering the truest part of your self and creating your heart's desires. You create the meaning in your life.  Start now.

Coaching programs include private one-on-one coaching sessions with Erica in addition to monthly group coaching calls and access to other programs offered throughout the year at either a reduced rate or complimentary.