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What is Energy Health?

You've probably heard "Energy is Everything or Everything is Energy."

Energy Health addresses the core energy of your body and being. Not just what you put in it, food, supplements, and beverages. Or how you expend energy, such as movement or exercise. Although these are all important aspects of your energy health, the core of why you react to the food you eat, the fact you lack energy to exercise, or the health issues you experience are a result of much deeper factors.


At the core of all physical issues - physical health problems, psychological stress, relationship troubles, money issues, or an inability to get your business to grow for instance, is a deeper energetic pattern of imbalance. During a session we address the specific pathways of imbalance which have four core origins. 


1. Soul Intentions

2. Past Life Cell Memory

3. Ancestral Origins (DNA/RNA)

4. Life Conditioning & Life Experience

From how your total being functions on a deeper level to the programming of the subconscious, the subtle energy fields that expand far beyond your physical body energy mapping can access specific points in time and correct the imbalance. Energy Health takes into account your DNA influences, your past life experiences, your soul's path, and your life experience that has led you to where you stand today. It's the most holistic perspective of your total being to date. Through exploring your own energy health you can understand yourself on a far deeper level and understand what you can do to engage your full energies to live your best life.

In a session we work to either eliminate the unwanted - emotions, patterns of behavior, stress, or conditions or we work to create something new - a goal, a new relationship, better health, money, business, opportunities and so forth. The beautiful thing about Energy Mapping is that it can address any problem and work to the solution at the deepest level possible.


VIBE EMR™ or Vibrational Energy Mapping & Reprogramming is the most comprehensive body of energy work available. It is a field of work that has been developed from two decades of studying, research, and practical application of both ancient and futuristic healing practices. Through the use of advanced information sourcing a VIBE EMR™ Practitioner can access your information fields, exploring specific pathways of physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual, cellular, ancestral, past life, and soul imbalances. By uncovering these pathways in a very specific way to your soul & life experience deep level healing and reprogramming of imbalances can occur. Through this health, vitality, and alignment with your higher self can take place. 

VIBE EMR™ goes to the depth of illness, trauma, blocked life areas, and emotional stress. It's a deep healing process that directly accesses specific pathways of information. My clients says a session is equivalent to years of therapy. 


The client and practitioner interact to uncover direct imbalances and blocks and work to restore the clients energy pathways. At the end of the session you will be given specific recommendations you can follow to integrate the healing work.

Herbal Medicine

The following energy balancing tools & techniques may be used during a session

  • Herbal Remedies & Support

  • Vitamins, Minerals, & Other Nutritional Support

  • Cell Salts

  • Essential Oils

  • Bach Flower Essences

  • Desert Flower Essences

  • Sound Therapy

  • Light or Color Therapy

  • Crystals

  • Meridian Balancing & Acupoints

  • Neurovascular & Neurolymphatic Release

  • Five Elements

  • TMJ Balancing and Release

  • Visual System Correction

  • Brain Integration

  • Visualization Techniques

  • Breath work

  • Electrolyte & Nutrient Clearing

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Aura Clearing

  • Cell Memory Reprogramming

  • Past Life Harmonization

  • Ancestral DNA Clearing

  • Gridline & Matrix Correction

  • Angel Therapy

  • Spiritual Guides

  • Cord Releasing

  • Restructuring of Energy Gridlines

  • Akashic Record Clearing

  • Emotional Clearing and Reprogramming

  • Affirmations

  • Advanced Energy Clearing Techniques

  • Shielding & Protection Holograms

  • Energy Gateways

  • Key Code Activation

  • Planetary Disruptions

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