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Are Chakras Really "A Big Deal?"

Have you ever wondered what all the hype about chakras is? The term is common in almost any health circle, yet few individuals truly understand the hidden power behind chakra health.

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, an ancient South Asian language. In Sanskrit, chakra means ‘disc’ or ‘wheel.’ Today, we describe chakras as spinning wheels of light or vortexes relating to energy centers in the body.

Chakra references date back as far as 500 B.C.E. Then, they were seen as spiritual centers upon which to meditate to gain increased spiritual awakening. Today, we see chakras as powerful information centers that can give insight into patterns, personality, energy blocks, and even illness.

Once thought to have just a few chakras, we have since learned that the human energy field has potentially hundreds of chakra centers.

The most common chakras are in-body chakras. In-body chakras are energy centers that connect to the physical core of the body. You’ve probably heard of these chakras and maybe even worked with them before.

These chakras include the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown chakras. Each of these chakras corresponds to body regions, organs, glands, and emotional archetypes.

Chakras hold energy information regarding:

  • Blocks in physical areas of the body, which can lead to illness or other health problems

  • Trapped emotions or emotions we have trouble dealing with and processing

  • Emotional archetypes and patterns

  • Psychic connectivity

  • Spiritual awareness

  • Soul lessons

The chakras work together and independently to create an energy relationship with other energy systems in our field. It has become popular to clear your chakras using various methods of energy work. While this can offer insight and temporarily relieve physical and emotional discomfort, the real power of the chakras requires a deep dive. There is a profound journey in working with the chakras..

A skilled teacher may help you connect patterns and spiritual lessons that facilitate growth and help you overcome the past. The chakras give insight into your deeper psyche and reveal why you continue to hit the same roadblocks in your life regardless of what changes you try to implement.

Chakras can also help you understand who you are. What your gifts are. What you have to offer in this world.

Benefits of working with your chakras include:

  • Improved physical vitality

  • Balanced emotions

  • Finding ease or flow to daily events

  • A deeper understanding of yourself

  • Better spiritual connection, including a deeper connection with your spiritual guides and angels

  • Resolving old patterns of health illness

  • Greater mental connectivity and understanding

  • Improved relationships

  • Increased financial flow

During the next month, we are going on a journey of the chakras to uncover the hidden wisdom buried in centuries of mysticism. This journey will get you started on your chakra journey, as it’s likely you have never delved into the full knowledge of what these chakras can offer you. Make sure you follow my FB page, or better yet, join my Free VIBE Facebook Group to get daily doses of awesome information about the chakras!

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