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Why are we so afraid of our negative emotions?

How you feel is the most important part of creating a good life, not just from a psychological standpoint but as an energetic principle. Your body is an active electrical field sending impulses into the world and pulling energy towards you, which make up your life experiences. The law of attraction works this way. It is not just what you focus on, but rather what your energy is focused on. Your energy is subtle and frequenting 24 hours a day, whether you are aware of it or not.

Your mind may focus in one direction and your energy fields in another. It is rare to have your mind and energy field going in the same direction because modern westernized humans have learned to separate what we feel and think. This separation leads to a split in energy that leaves us surprised when we get experiences showing up in our field that are different than what our conscious thoughts focus on.

Thankfully, this works the other way. We might be having a bad day and say, “I wish I would drop dead.” Even if it is just a saying, there is an energy behind it: not wanting to face what lies ahead. Alternatively we may be feeling anger, helplessness, rejection, or any number of other feelings. The truth is, if our energy field and thoughts were 100% aligned at that moment, we would drop dead. In reality, we spend the majority of every day tripping over ourselves and getting nothing done.

I want to be rich. I hate money. I love my husband. I can’t stand this man. I need my job. I never want to go to work again. You’d be flipping back and forth continuously, and regretting most of it.

To experience life to its fullest, we must be congruent in our conscious mind, subconscious thoughts, and—most importantly—energy fields. To do this, however, we have to root out any frequency that does not align with our higher consciousness. While our feelings are not the only factors contributing to our frequency, they are the most influential factor.

Most of us are uncomfortable with negative emotions. Maybe we do not know how to handle, change, or control them. Maybe, you had a parent who hated when you would express negativity, so you learned to suppress how you feel. Maybe, you had trauma or some other inexplicable difficult journey in your life where you needed to ignore your feelings to survive. We as humans find brilliant ways to adapt to keep going. Repressing negative emotions and experiences is one of them.

Regardless of our reasons, when we are afraid to address negative feelings, admit we feel terrible, and can’t find a way to put those feelings into perspective, we cause an energetic suppression in our field that makes it more likely for us to experience a similar negative reaction in the future. Ignoring our negative emotions does not get rid of them. It just creates a deeper frequency. In doing this, we continue to experience the negative energy, even if we are not consciously giving it any energy.

Over time these negative frequencies start to gain enough power that we begin to attract the very essence of the energy, even though our conscious mind wants to focus on good experiences.

The number one question I get from my coaching clients is, “Why does _____ happen when I've been doing my affirmations, asking for spiritual help, and focusing on what I want?”

Well, there is only one simple answer. Within you, out of your conscious sight, is a negative frequency that is creating your experience without your conscious consent. The only way you are going to break through old energy is to acknowledge, confront, and decide how to put it in its place so you can fully begin to realize the positive life experience you want.

In doing this, you become a powerful co-creator, building the life you want instead of staying confused about the seemingly random (but not so random) experiences that keep showing up.

Next time you or someone you love feels or expresses negativity,

a) acknowledge

b) listen

c) soothe

Part of emotional mastery is accepting negative emotions and then working to feel good again. It is the foundation for mental health.

You may not be able to change it immediately, but with the right loving attention, you will find yourself or others naturally flowing back to a more positive state without the suppressed state that will lead you right back to that same negativity later on.

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