Intuitive Bridge Course

Intuitive Bridge Course

There's always direct, clear, and helpful guidance available for you. When you learn how to apporiately connect to your inner guide and spiritual guides this channel of divine guidance freely flows through to you.


In this 6 week Intuitive Bridge Training, you'll discover:

  • What intuition is, from a scientific and metaphysical persepctive
  • How exactly you experience and develop intuitive abilities
  • Decoding intuition through your emotional guidance system
  • The intuitive channels of communication and what your primary channels of communication are
  • Identify and meet your spirit, angelic and animal guides
  • Powerful energetic and psychic detoxification tools
  • Effective energy and psychic protection techniques
  • Past lives, cell memory, and how your ancestry affect your intuitive abilities
  • Dreams, signs, and symbol usage and interpretation


The program includes 7 weeks of video lessons, a weekly guidebook, journaling prompts, and  6 audio meditations.


You meet live with Erica every week for 6 weeks for training, support, and a guided healing journey.


One-on-one private session with Erica for an incredible VIBE Alignment Energy Session to clear and open your fields and abilities, clearing old blocks. 


*Our past graduates have all ranked this one of the most valuable aspects of the program


Private calls with Erica


"I immediatly had more awareness of how to support myself emotionally." ~Anna, NM


"It helped immensely to release lots of anger and frustration. The mantra has been helping so much to keep me in alignment. I wished I’d had this done so much sooner than now. My life seems more peaceful and calm" ~Julie, WI


"After our session, my shoulders immediately lowered back to where they belong... a place pretty foreign to them for many years. I felt a relief right away after shedding some tears, I felt much calmer. ~Debee, WI


"I felt relief and energy shifting right away. It helped even more so in the days after." ~Kim, WI


"Feel less weighted down today but felt an immediate release during the call. Sleep was restful for once. I did have crazy dreams afterwards." ~ Jill, WI


"This call helped me to understand things I've been through on a deeper level, and let go of what I needed to." ~Liz, WA


"Heavy, negative energy cleared. Tears were shed and a new positive outlook was had." ~Tami, AZ


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