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Hi! I'm Erica.

I help energy aware individuals identify what they need in order to have better energy, decreased stress, improved physical & mental health, and be in touch with their soul self to create a life they love to live through both personalized one-on-one sessions and group programs.

P.S. I also help people develop their intuition.

Meet Erica

Trusted Energy Health Expert, Educator, and Coach

I'm Erica. I'm an Energy Health Practitioner and Educator. I am the creator of VIBE Energy Mapping and Recoding™ (VIBE EMR™) a body of work that has combined thousands of hours of study in Energy Kinesiology, Psychology, Health, Herbal Medicine, Eastern Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Energy Work, Spiritual Healing and Coaching. 


VIBE EMR™ addresses health issues of all kinds, emotional blocks, trauma, self-sabotage and inability to achieve life goals.  I've helped thousands of people restore their physical well-being and tune back into the whisperings of their soul self.

"Success is determined by the ability to reach YOUR desired goals, not some outside standard of achievement"


What I Specialize In

Reset Your Energy Fields and Codes to Restore Physical and Emotional Health

Trauma Recovery & Flight and Flight Disorders

Adopt an Energy  Health Lifestyle that will

Support Balance & Wellbeing

Reconnect with Your Deeper Self and Spiritual Helpers

Personalized Herbal Medicine, Meditation, and Daily Goal Work

Aloe Vera Plant

The Journey Towards Spectacular Living Begins on the Path of Self Love and Understanding. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Such an amazing opportunity. I've been working with Erica Dawn Page for almost 3 years now. The work we've done has been completely life changing. I've been able to build an amazing business this year, my relationships have never been in a better place, and I've never felt better about myself and my ability to create amazing things in my life. If you're feeling stuck, or feeling like you'd like to take your life, business, or relationships to a new level, this could be fore you.  Take a chance on yoursellf.  You're totally worth it!"

[VIBE Alignment Graduate]

- Alise Christensen, WA

"After our session, I felt much clearer and calmer!"

-Erin Marrs, CA

"I have been working on challenging health issues for decades. I've seen some amazing healers and have tried everything I can imagine to repair and strengthen my body/immune system. After my first few sessions with Erica I started to realize that the issues we addressed simply didn't exist anymore! It was so gradual and subtle. It was only in hindsight that I realized those issues were completely resolved! I am ever so grateful for the vast knowledge that she has combined to cultivate an all-encompassing recipe for healing spirit+mind+emotions+body. I have recommended her to a handful of friends and family and encourage anyone else to try for yourself. Thank you Erica, I truly appreciate the work you do."

- Lori Krajewski, WI

I just wanted to share a quick note to let you know how grateful & how valued your help was in the selling of my house & business in Seattle. Your specialized work increased the profit in both situations! I am truly grateful."

-Jill Maurisak, MT

I could feel some big shifts as blocks were cleared. I always find it interesting that you can pinpoint the exact years where traumas occur.

-Tami Thomas, AZ

"Most immediately was the recognition that multiple issues from my past which I thought I had worked on were still embedded deeply in my being and influencing myself and health."

-Jill Hietpas, WI

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