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Meet Erica

Energy Health Coach & Educator

I truly believe life is what you make of it.  When I get a spark of inspiration, I have to make it happen.  My mom had an 8th-grade education. At 14 she gave birth to me. I was a first-generation college graduate. I went to graduate school, had a large family, and built my dream business on the side.  Even though I grew up in a space where I often heard what I couldn't do as a girl, I dared to dream without allowing the barriers others put around me to interfere with my goals. 


After building a seven-figure sales business in only 18 months I was blessed to be able to follow my real passion for coaching women in personal and professional development. I have created a high-quality and educational professional certification program teaching women to do exactly the same work I do, but in their own style and in tune with their own spirit.  It is incredibly rewarding to see these women creating businesses while coaching others on a deep energetic, spiritual, yet practical level.


I've accomplished, so far, everything I've set my mind to. Along the way, I discovered that my deep passion is helping women balance work, family, and the rest of life through unconventional ways of healing, growing, and learning to exist in the world in an energy and flow where you are guided and carried, not forced. 


Visit the testimonial page to hear about some of those amazing women I've been honored to work with.


I never give up on experiencing life and finding ways to dream up new adventures that fill my soul and feed my heart. You shouldn’t either.


We all go through life's disconcerting obstacle course.  Many of us feel overwhelmed, have lost (or never had) belief in our worth, and have had traumatic experiences that left us shaken and uncertain of our true capabilities. Sometimes we've gotten lost in motherhood and work or the many hats and roles we put on. We forget that—hidden beneath our ordinary thrown-together outfits—a cloak of armor sits waiting for the superhero spiritual warrior we were born to be!  We can heal from our past, find our hearts again, and feel passion pushing through our cells.  


It's never too late to create something new!


Through energy therapy, psychology, science, coaching, and intuitive understanding, I can help you clear old patterns and habits of sabotage, transform your desires into real experiences, and find your deep authentic soul self.  When you hit that place, anything is possible.


Make the unimaginable happen.

  • AromaTouch Certification Instructor Training

  • SIPS Kinesiology Training

  • AromaTouch Certification Practitioner Training

  • Agape Applied Physiology Training

  • Medical & Professional Ethics

  • Angel Therapy Practitioner Certification, ATP

  • Kinergetics Kinesiology Certification

  • Touch for Health Kinesiology Certification

  • Certified Comprehensive Iridology Instructor Certification, CCII

  • Whole Body Nutrition Training Bernard Jensen Institute

  • Body Detoxification and Cleansing Training, Bernard Jensen Institute

  • Iridology Practitioner Training

  • Iridology and Master Herbalist, Understudy and Training

  • Bachelors of Science, Sociology, Family & Human Development, Child Psychology

  • Master of Arts, Sociology

  • Master of Holistic Nutrition

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